Which Blinds are Easy to Install


Easiest Blinds to install

No Drill

As you might expect from the title, no drill blinds do not need any tools for installation. This will not only make it less expensive and dirty to set up your window covers. Less expensive mainly because there is no need to get a drill and screwdrivers. This is of course redundant, when these tools are already available. Also not needing to drill holes will produce no dust and dirt. But the most important saving will be on your time and nerves. It is a complete different thing to just hang blinds between your window or a whole and time consuming installation.


When it comes to the style of blinds, there are a few styles which can be handled easier than others. One of them being Zebra blinds, especially no cord zebra styles in our drill free variant. Installing them is not much different from changing your toilet paper roll. Use tension to place the valance between your window frame, roll down the blind by hand. Done!

Roller Shades

Roller shades are the second one in this list with pretty much a similar experience to our cordless zebra blinds no drill. These easy to install blinds work same as all no drill shades that we offer. A tension rod with rubber ends can be fitted in between window frames. However this works only for inside mounting.

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