How Long Do Motorized Blinds Last


Do you tired of pulling the rope of the blind? Do you want to come home with cool feeling without getting sun explore?

It can be very tempting to opt into the luxury of motorized window blinds and screens. The added benefit of being able to control your blinds by remote control or wall switch makes them a very convenient option when installing them in your home. This is especially handy for windows or skylights that are difficult to reach without a step-ladder.

A lot of people are unsure about the exact life of motorized blinds. The exact life of a motorized blind is not exactly known because there is no guarantee of the life span of these blinds. It can vary in its durability because it depends on the size of the window that it is covering. It also depends on the usage.

Under optimal usage conditions, it might last from 12 to 18 months. This article will discuss the durability of motorized blinds in detail. Let us have a look at the factors on which the durability of the motorized blinds depends and it will help us in learning ways to increase the life span of our blinds.

motorized roller blinds

*Keego Motorized Roller Shades*

Size of the Window

An important factor in the durability of the motorized blinds is the size of the window that it is covering. If the window size is very large and the window is very broad in its appearance then the motorized blinds will last in less time but if the window for which the motorized blinds are being used is smaller in size then they might last for a long time. Therefore, the durability of the blinded motors is directly proportional to the size of the window.


The usage of blinded motors is an important factor in their durability.If the blinds motors are used more often then there is a chance that they might not last for so long. On contrary to that if the blinded motors are used occasionally then there is a very high chance that the motor blinds will last for a long time and the durability will be increased to a great extent. Hence, we can conclude that the durability of the motorized blinds  depends on the size of the window as the usage of the blinds.




 Another important point on which the durability of the motorized blinds depends is the conditions  in which the motorized blinds are being used. If the conditions are favorable and optimal then your motorized blinds will last for a good amount of time but in case the conditions are harsh and unfavorable then you should not expect your motorized blinds to last long. Therefore, make sure that whenever and wherever you use the blinds the conditions are suitable if you want to increase the durability of your blinds.

motorized zebra roller blinds

*Keego Motorized Zebra Blinds*

Estimated Durability

Although the exact time of the durability of the blinds is neither known nor guaranteed, some general observations say that if used under all good conditions, the motorized blinds might last from 12 months to 18 months, which is approximately a year and a half. If you want your motorized blinds for this long then make sure that you take care of the above-mentioned conditions on which the durability of these motorized blinds depends. If you use your blinds carefully, then you will not have to buy the motorized blinds every coming month. It will save a lot of time, energy, and money.


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