How to Choose Your Window Blinds and Shades in Autumn / Winter?


How to Choose Your Window Blinds and Shades in Autumn / Winter?



If we want to enjoy a warm-season at home, choosing suitable curtains is essential.

In autumn and winter, indoor warmth needs the nourishment of sunlight and the creation of indoor vision and artistic conception.

When the first ray of sunlight in autumn and winter passes through the vertical blinds and shines on the floor tiles, perhaps this is the beginning of a warm and romantic atmosphere.


Autumn and winter are relatively cold, in addition to maintaining indoor temperature, shades also need to have the function of windproof and warm.

Most people choose a thick fabric with warmth in winter, so we can consider the aspects of horizontal blinds and shades' material, function, and color.

There are many types of materials. For the cold winter, it is best to use cotton and linen, which are comfortable and warm, and reduce the generation of static electricity.



It is suitable to use warm colors to decorate your home in autumn and winter, and the same is true for window blinds.

① When choosing the color of shades, you should first determine the main color of your room. Then try to choose a color that is close to the ground color and consistent with the main color.

② Another needs to consider the orientation of the window. The north-facing room is often dark and cold, warm colors and a little heavier feeling are a better choice. For windows facing east or west, light and thin materials are fine

③ Don't choose window treatments that are too low in price. Some cheap window blinds and shades are flammable in the fire, while better quality ones generally have fire resistance.



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