Can you hang blinds with command strips


Ok, while we want or better said need some window covering, the installation of them can be quite difficult without any experience. You would need tools, time and confidence to do so. Another issue might be your landlord or you not wanting to do any harm to the window frame. If one of these cases comes up, you will need to go with other options. One could be to get no drill blinds or trying  to hang normal blinds with other methods.

Command Strips

There have been rumors about hanging blinds with command strips. Command strips can carry a few kg so it sounds like it should work. However physics has another view on that. If we open our blinds and pull at them, we add more weight to the existing material weight. In the long run this will lead to our blinds loosening until they one morning while opening fall down and might hurt you badly.


Same goes for glue. There are strong glues out there but there might be strong kids playing around as well. Also not all glues go well on every surface. It might happen that the first layer of paint on your window frame goes off. This can not happen if you drill screws deep into the wall or use pressure of no drill blinds pushing to the wall.

No Drill Blinds

No drill blinds come in different options, we use tensions blinds as in our experience they will not come off easily. They are specially designed just for this purpose and on the market for so long, they just work! Did you ever used a door mounted pull up bar? The work similar.

Yes or No

So what are our options at the end? We highly recommend to use already engineered products, the no drill blinds as they surely will work, are quite affordable and come in broad varieties. While sticking your blinds with glue or command strips in between your window frame might work for some blinds and for some time, it is surely not a secure option in the long run.

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