Window Treatments Mix design


Window blinds have powerful darkening functions, which are undoubtedly unmatched by curtains. Most of the window shade products on the market have simple and modern shapes. Compared with the curtains they have a limited effect on space decoration.

Therefore, more and more families will choose to combine the kind of two together, which is both functional and attractive, setting off a new trend of Home Décor



But if we want to come up with a mix and match, it's not just randomly choosing two sets of combinations.

After Sorting these blinds and curtains out, we have selected several sets of popular combinations for your reference.


Curtains & Cellular Shade




Cellular Shades


Curtains & Mini Blinds


Curtains & Roller Shades


Curtains & Zebra Shades


Roman Shades & Roller Shades

Through the collocation of the above groups, we can get some universal formulas for collocation.

  • Complex patterns & textures with pure colors
  • Delicate styles with simple styles

Hope this contrast can help you achieve a visual balance

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