Zebra Blinds with Curtains


Zebra roller or Curtains?

Why not both? We often are stuck in decisions. Grey couch, brown couch or red pill, blue pill. The same goes for window treatments and it can be even more difficult as zebra blinds with curtains.

come with different functions and complete different optic. So why not combine them? We will give you some insight on why this could be a good idea.

Let us first have a look at the benefits of those two transitional window treatments and how they could even improve your bills.


Blinds and shades are more on the practical side. Zebra roller offer UV and light blocking while taking less space.


Curtains do offer light and UV blocking as well, however they come more with a decorative approach which lets them take more space.

Reasons to combine

Out of a technical view it does make a lot of sense to combine zebra shades with curtains. See it as an even further layer for insulation and light blocking. Similar to cellular shades that use air in between, a layer of shade, air and curtains does have excellent insulating features.

Apart from this, there are many optical benefits. While curtains can make your room bigger especially when opened, there would still be roller blinds zebra to take care about the light management. And if your color palette is important to you. Zebra blinds with curtains means two surfaces to match these colors.

Ways to combine

Let us have a look at colors first. Here we do recommend to not go with two different prints or patterns while combining zebra blinds with curtains. The result will be much better looking if you combine a plain color with a patterned or printed one. Use a nice contrast or just match them to you existing color palette. Have in mind that it is much more easy to replace a curtain than it is to replace a zebra roller.

zebra blinds with curtain

If you want them to create an illusion of a bigger room, hang both window treatments curtains and roller blinds zebra as high as possible, just inches below the ceiling. Maybe even add an valance.

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