Day/Night Cordless Cellular Shades

Color :
Salt Mint 014
Plumeria Rubra 016
Sakura 017
Light Gray 015
Lemon Cream 011
Sulphur 009
Amber 008
Coffee 013
Sangria 012
Loquat 082
Apricot 083
Frost White 084
Smoky Gray 086
Blue Haze 085
Yolk Cream 071
Oats 072
Honeypot 073
Hard Candy 074
Shale 075
Dove White 065
Moss Honeydew 066
Stone 069
Mount Type :

Keego Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Blackout Shades

2 IN 1 Shades

The Keego cordless blackout shades day material is light filtering romantic mesh, the night material is 100% blackout fabric. These 2 in 1 custom cellular shades offer any combination of light filtering and blackout in one shade, which means you can blackout the entire opening or have it entirely light filtering as the sections operate independently. Top shade is light filtering solid color in the front and back, bottom shade is Duplex (white to the street) These are not top down bottom up shades. 

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

With push-pull automatic locking system, the cordless blackout shades can be controlled up and down freely and stop at any height below the maximum height. Compared with other day night shades, the four corners of our custom cellular blinds are fixed, so the blinds will not sway in the wind, and there are no central cords blocking the view.

Easy to Clean Light Blocking Window Shade

Crafted imported thicken cloth fabric, which can maintain its shape and work anti crumple. Simple dusting and vacuuming will be enough for keeping the cordless blackout shade spotless, which makes these custom cellular shades easy to maintain.

Child Safety

These cordless blackout shades come with an cordless lift system, which enables them to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger. Keego blinds custom cellular shades are perfect for homes with children or pets, and has been certified "Best for Kids".

How do they work?

Cordless blackout shades work almost identically to other day night shades. The difference is that these custom cellular shades have different cords that are attached to two different rails. (FYI: A “rail” is the horizontal bar that you attach to the top of your window. It holds the window treatment up.)

One rail is the mounting rail. This is the same as any other cordless blackout shades. This rail has its own cord. When you pull on that cord, it raises the bottom portion of the day night shades. This is the “bottom up” portion of the treatment.

The second rail is the floating rail. It has another cord that controls it. When you pull that cord, the floating rail detaches itself from the mounting rail and lowers the top of the shade. This is the “top down” portion of the treatment.

Free to Contact Us

If you have any questions when choose the cordless blackout shades, please contact us, we will provide you the most professional suggestions on our light blocking window shades. Keego blinds customer service will be there to solve your question.

How to Install

You can customize the various sizes of width and height. If you can't find the correct size in the size list, please send us a product customization request or contact:

Min window frame depth is 2".
Custom width from 20"to 47", Max length is 78".
Roller blinds can be customized to a size 1/16 Inch or accurate to 1mm

❦ Eco-Friendly ♬ Noise Reduce
✈10 Business Days Fast Delivery
​✔ 2 in 1 Cellular Shade offers both Light Filtering and Blackout or any combination of the two in one shade.
☀ Repel summer heat and winter cold alike
⎔ Single Cell Insulating Cellular Shades- Cell size: 25mm


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