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Day/Night Cordless Cellular Shades
Day/Night Cordless Cellular Shades
Keego Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Blackout Shades 2 IN 1 Shades The Keego cordless blackout shades day material is light filtering romantic mesh, the night material is 100% blackout fabric. These 2 in 1 custom cellular shades offer any combination of light...
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Day Night Shades Cordless

Cordless Spring Tension

Safety for your children and pets, can enjoy the full beauty of cordless day night shades and blinds, without the ugly cord getting in the way or you do not have to waste time untangling knots and fussing with stubborn cords. The quality Blinds cordless mechanisms allow you to raise and lower your day/night shades evenly. 

Energy Saving

Day night shades will help you to improve your home's efficiency by keeping warmth in the winter and cooling down in the summer, day night blackout shades with cord will provide a luxurious style window covering. This way corded day/night shades will not only save you money on your monthly bills, but also providing an eye catcher on your stylish apartment in or outside the city.

Smooth Lifting System

Keego blinds will test each product with thousands of routine lifting tests. That way you can be sure the day night blackout shades can be easily and evenly raised or lowered after even years of use. Keego cordless dual cellular blinds could reduce the noise during operating. Gently pull down and let go, the shades can be bounced back to the top of the blind leisurely and controlled by hand, moves the day/night shades cordless to the position you want.

100% Blackout

Equipped with sun filtering fabrics, day night blackout shades in partly opaque fabrics block incoming light almost completely while providing anti-UV functions as well as balancing the indoor temperature. Not only protecting your privacy but also providing you a comfortable sleep. Even at daytime.  Premium quality with 3/4’’ Cell size, keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter.


If you move the day night shades so, that the opaque parts are pulled down, double cellular shades with cord will dime incoming light nicely. If you pull down the blackout fabric, day night blackout shades will block all incoming light. day night shades rv, whether functional or decorative, are very suitable for Home/ Office/ Cafe/ Hotel etc.

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