No Drill Roller Shades Blackout

Color :
Both Sides Same Color 081 Polar White
Both Sides Same Color 082 Yolk Cream
Both Sides Same Color 083 Light Gray
Both Sides Same Color 084 Aqua Blue

Keego No Drill Roller Shades 100% Blackout

Where to use no drill window blinds

Don't let the morning sun disturb your good dreams. Keego blinds no drill roller shades help to block the glare of the sun and lets you sleep until wake up naturally in the morning.

Our no drill roller blinds do not need to be drilled to keep your walls intact. These no drill shades are very suitable for offices, media rooms, bedrooms and places where you need a nap.

Safety and function

Our no drill roller shades are designed with safety in mind. We provide you with all relevant safety devices, so our no drill blinds are absolutely safe for children.

Keego's no drill roller blinds blackout have 4 layers of coating to balance the temperature. In summer, the indoor air-conditioning temperature is kept to isolate the hot outside temperature. In winter, it can maintain the heating, so that you are not afraid of the cold. Suitable for all kinds of walls, such as wooden walls, tiled marble, concrete walls and rough ceramic tiles.

No drill blinds no tool required

No tools, drill holes, screws or brackets are required. Keego no drill roller shades can be easily installed in 1 minute. No drill blinds are stable and durable, and will not fall off. Even if the no drill roller blinds are removed, the wall will not be damaged.

Customizable no tool shades

You can customize the various sizes of width and height. If you can't find the correct size in the size list, please send us a product customization request or contact:✉

How to measure

How to install

✂ Custom size:
Internal installation only
The minimum window frame depth is 2".
The custom width ranges from 12" to 51", and the maximum length is 110".
The default control cord for the lampshade without drilling is on the right.
Roller blinds can be customized to 1/16 inch or accurate to 1 mm

Ideal for ensuring a restful sleep and a good night’s sleep during the day.
It is very suitable for spaces that receive a lot of sunlight and families with excellent views. Window shades no drilling are suitable for kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, garage, study, family room, nursery, etc. Use a feather duster or use a soft brush or cold water to clean, can be used for many years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Easy install

Was just trying to buy the cheap roller shades for our garage. These are not too badly priced so I took a chance. Hubby said easiest lines hes ever put up and they work great and they look great

Too easy to assemble

The product was so easy to assemble, that I thought it just had to be wrong. In my on mind I decided to remove the plastic shell b/c on picture doesnt show the plastic shell remains , so I took it off, and guess what the whole blind car rolled out.
It truly is too easy to assemble.
I will Reorder another one. They look very nice. Good quality and arrived way before eta.

Excellent quality and customer service

We are very happy with these blinds. We didn't find anything else at this price point and quality. They work great, installed easily and look great. We originally wanted to use an inside mount but found out you need at least a 2" depth in the window jamb. (We have Andersen's which give less than an inch.) We changed to an outside mount which look great. The responsiveness of the staff was as good as the quality.I highly recommend Keego blinds.

Smart design & beautiful look!

I love these, they are super easy to install and let a lot of light in when they are open but also give you complete privacy when they are closed. I love the Snow White color for areas like the living room and office & darker ones for the bedrooms. Also, they arrived much earlier than we expected them to!

My only complaint was that they came without any type of instructions and we werent sure of what to do with a couple of small pieces that came with them but were not needed for installation.

Great blackout shades - easy to install - delivered way faster than expected delivery time

These shades are great. I needed blackout shades since I wake up because of the morning light. They perfectly block the light. They are also really easy to install (it will take you maybe 2 minutes, no drill needed). They seem very sturdy and it is really easy to fold and unfold. Note that you can contact the seller to ask for the exact size you need. My windows are approximately half an inch bigger than the shades I ordered but the seller said they would make it so the shades perfectly fit my windows and they do! Also, I received the shades 14 days after I ordered them, Amazon gives you a longer delivery time for some reasons. I actually ordered another type of shades before these ones (the pleated paper ones that you stick on the ceiling - and that I really didn't like) because I wanted the shades earlier than the expected delivery time -would have ordered these directly had I known that it would take only 14 days.

Great roller and easy to install

These roller shades are great and so easy to install. Even after they were installed, on the inside of my bedroom window, they were very easy to detach from their clips so I could paint my room. I also love that the pull cord can be easily removed because my cat just loves to bang the little plastic ball against the window. My only complaint is they could maybe make an insert for the roller, on the window side, to help block some light from shining through the space on the top of the roller and bracket. My bedroom window faces east so I get a lot of morning sun through that little slot.


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Warranty & Return Policy

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1 Year Warranty ✔️

If there are quality related issues reported within 1 year of the order date, we will handle the quality related issues including partial replacement or partial refund (less than 50%).

⭕ What is not covered:

  • Variations in texture, construction or color of natural products, slight warping of wood products, and natural color changes to materials that take place over time.
  • Product failure due to any of the following:
  • Improper installation, operation or cleaning
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Excessive exposure to heat, sunlight or moisture
  • Damage from children, pets or insects
  • Improper cleaning
  • Alteration of any kind
  • Products that exceed size recommendations or are outside of product specifications
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