Outdoor Sun Shades Blackout
Outdoor Sun Shades Blackout
Keego Waterproof Outdoor Sun Shades Blackout Privacy Control Outdoor sun shades can soften the light without glare, creating a warm and cozy environment. This light filtering backyard shade works as all light natural light filter through while varying in the amount of privacy...

UV Blocking

Shades for patios do have one main purpose. While we sit outside, having a chat with our friends, the summer heat can be quite strong. Outdoor sun shades with light filtering and UV blocking options, make sure we sit comfortable.

Water Resistant

Rain, kids, pool. There are lot of reasons why waterproof shades are important on our shades for patios. Keego Blinds outdoor shades come with waterproof fabric options.

Natural Design Options

We might not want to have our shades for patios in super bright colors as it would only attract heat and insects. Neutral looking outdoor shades in natural colors work well in almost every garden.


Thick fabric makes sure these shades for patios resist sun, rain and so on for years of use. Outdoor blinds and UV filter patio screens have a long lifetime.

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