• How do Roller Shades work?

    Mechanism Roller shades are pretty simple mechanics. Picture it as as a bigger and more fancy toilet paper roll. That being said there are three general differences on the valance. Classic corded roller shades, spring roller shades and most comfortable, the motorized roller shades Corded Roller shades, compared to shutters do work quite simple. The fabrics will simply be rolled over a tube while...
  • UV blocking window strips

    UV blocking window strips

    Who needs PVC light blocking strips? While inside mounted roller shades or zebra blinds do have a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to maintaining the materials and keeping them clean, they do come with a minor problem. Due to the valance being sightly wider than the fabric, which does have technical reasons, there will be a small gap between window and shade....
  • Explanation - What are Roller Blinds?

    Explanation - What are Roller Blinds?

    What are Roller Shades? Construction Before we go into detail. What are roller shades and how are they made? Rolling Blinds for windows are gaining more and more on popularity and this is due to a few simple and understandable reasons. The first being the simplicity of its construction. It is basically a sheet of fabric that can be roller up and down. No...
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