• Health Benefits of Sunlight

    Health Benefits of Sunlight

    Benefits of Sunlight Make sure you get enough sunlight Sunlight has not just a few benefits, it is essential not only for us but also every other creature. However it can cause damage to us and our environment if we are exposed to sunlight for to long. This means we should be able to make sure that we can dose and manage the benefits...
  • Are outdoor shades right for you?

    Are outdoor shades right for you?

    Outdoor Sun Shades by Keego Blinds Where to place outdoor shades Outdoor sun shades can be used on so much different objects or windows. Directly at your house or in your garden. Outdoor solar shades can be used in a variety of settings, such as on a patio, deck, or porch. Even  at the beach, pool, and especially in your own backyard. Outdoor shades...
  • Home Automation for Elderly

    Home Automation for Elderly

    Smart Home for seniors and it's benefits One could say that smart shades are a unnecessary product wasting budget and energy. This might appeal to some people, however remote blinds can be a huge help to others. Take our seniors. Home automation for elderly can help to get along in the own four walls without much help. Well without much help other than a remote...
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