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Shangri-La Sheer Shade - The favorite of interior decorator 0

Shangri-La Sheer Shade originated in Europe and The USA. It's a product that combines room divider, venetian blinds, and shades. Sheer horizontal r...
  • LiaoDanny

Horizontal Window Blinds | Mottled with light and shadow, the infinite charm of space 0

The charm of home decoration design in the ingenuity of every detail. People in modern society are well aware of the importance of light, the chang...
  • LiaoDanny

Window Treatments Mix design | Coexist with function & appearance 0

Window blinds have powerful darkening functions, which are undoubtedly unmatched by curtains. Most of the window shade products on the market have ...
  • LiaoDanny

Window Roller Blinds | Inkjet Printing, Brilliant with unlimited imagination 0

The designer Paul Milinski from Melbourne, Australia, used ethereal and fantasy light and shadow design to create a smart and interesting dream gar...