• Lighting for Kids Rooms

    Lighting for Kids Rooms

    Decorating a kids room A kids bedroom is his own castle, the place where he can do as he wants and build his kingdom. Even though kids tend trying to do so all over the whole house. This also means there are a lot of kid room decorating opportunities for you and your child, to work together on a beautiful interior decoration. Kids Room...
  • Ideas for decorating windows

    Ideas for decorating windows

    Decorations for windows Windows to the world. This and nothing less can be said about this part of our home. A decorative window will help us calm down and enjoy the important times of our day. The Keego Blinds Design Team made a list with Ideas to cover windows for you. Roller shades Let us start decorate windows with the biggest canvas available for creating an...
  • Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget

    Furnishing an Apartment on a Budget

    Things you need for your first apartment Basic appliances After we move into unfurnished apartment, first of all we need to see that all basic appliances we usually need are there. Everything which is necessary to provide basic needs such as food, hygiene and privacy belongs on the apartment checklists. Food: To provide a meal we basically do not nee much and even if your...
  • Living Room Zebra Blinds

    Living Room Zebra Blinds

    Living room blinds requirements Decorating with living room window blinds is a much more sensitive issue than most of our other rooms. Whilst bathroom and kitchen window treatments simply need to fulfill a more practical approach, our living room blinds needs to make us feel comfortable and cozy as well as impress others. This means the right shading and light management is equally important...
  • Zebra Blinds with Curtains

    Zebra Blinds with Curtains

    Zebra roller or Curtains - Why not both? We often are stuck in decisions. Grey couch, brown couch or red pill, blue pill. The same goes for window treatments and it can be even more difficult combining zebra blinds with curtains. Not only do we need to consider optics like color, size and shape. We also need to consider functionality if we put a curtain over blinds....
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