Window Blind Light Blocker PVC
Window Blind Light Blocker PVC
Block Light Along The Sides of  Blinds Great for All Occasions ONLY ONE STANDARD SIZE!!!!! CUT AT HOME Keego Light blocking strips come in a range of lengths and can be trimmed to fit your windows size. Just cut the...
Draw Rod for Cordless Zebra and Roller Blinds
Easy to Pull The Shades Down and Up Size:One Standard Size  Color: Silver Material: Plastic Pack Dimensions:14.21 x 0.75 x 0.39 inches This Draw Rod can use for all kinds of cordless blinds which have holder/handle
Extendable Motorized Curtain Track
More sizes available
Extendable Motorized Curtain Track
Adjustable and Extendable Motorized Curtain Track SILENT OPERATION Super quiet smart automatic curtain motor track system,responsive and quiet operate,no worry about the noises.Motorized curtain tracks are perfect for hard to reach or heavy curtains.Need to plug in, please make sure...
Pull Chain for Zebra Blinds
Premium Quality Easy to Pull The Shades Down and Up Material: Plastic  Fit for Zebra Blinds,Pls check the size and type before purchase!
Roller Blinds Brackets
Accessories for Roller Blinds Brackets  Size: One Standard Size Material: Dimensions  Package: 4.49 x 3.74 x 1.06 inches This Blinds Brackets use for roller blinds, and different product have different size ,please check carefully before purchase!    
Cordless Cellular Shades Holder/Handle
Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades Holder/Handle Notice: Cordless blind handles are matched visually by shape and measurement. Compare your existing handle to the pictures. because similar handles will not fit. Packing: 2PCS  Per Package  Package Dimensions: 3 x 0.5 x...

Blinds Accessories

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Keego can also provide the  accessories about the blinds,help our client save time and make all the things become easy!


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