Home Automation for Elderly


Smart Home for seniors and it's benefits

One could say that smart shades are a unnecessary product wasting budget and energy. This might appeal to some people, however remote blinds can be a huge help to others. Take our seniors. Home automation for elderly can help to get along in the own four walls without much help. Well without much help other than a remote controlling light or electric window shades.

Keego Blinds  motorized shade roller have a few concrete benefits if you are building a smart home for seniors. The first one being access to hard reachable windows, with a few clicks on a special remote or smartphone, all smart shades can be controlled together or alone.

The second is heat management. Smart shades can be set up to open with the sun or to other specific times making it a great home automation for elderly as we tend to be more sensitive to heat and cold in older age.

Other Smart Home products

Apart from remote blinds, there are many other smart home products for a elder friendly home. Best is to have a thought about which places and areas of daily life can be hard to reach with decreasing mobility similar to opening all windows with smart shades instead of normal Keego Blinds.

Heating, climate control are things we should still be able to control even if we are disabled on our mobility, but how about automatic watering for your plants? There are many smart appliances to consider.


  • Posted on by Keego Blinds

    Most blinds that came with a metal valance can be upgraded with a motorized rod. Please contact us and let us know which blinds you are using. We will then check if possible.

  • Posted on by Marc Robitaille
    We have 2 Keego blinds, however not motorized. Is there a way to convert them?

    Thank you

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