What are Zebra Shades?


What are Zebra Shades?

Dual Layered Horizontal Shades are made from sophisticated woven of various polyester fabric (one piece of fabric), which combined sheer mesh and opaque dual layers, easy to control light, view, privacy, ventilation, and style in the one blinds.

Because the color of the blackout fabric is different from that of the light-filtering fabric, and the stripes resemble zebras, hence the name "zebra shade". And now, they are also the perfect choice for many rooms and families.

Why choose zebra shades (dual sheer shades) for your home?

1. A beautiful and unique window treatment, dual sheer shades provide a modern look by offering both sheer and privacy fabrics in the same shade to offer exceptional light control.

The fabric has a soft texture, effectively blocks UV. Anti-static treatment is not easy to accumulate dust and deform simple cleaning and maintenance.
The UV filtering they provide can cut down on heating and cooling bills, ultimately saving you money.


2. Whenever the zebra shade is opened, the light passes through the thin striped gauze, covering the room, you can be seen the outdoor scenery but provide moderate privacy.

The soft and comfortable light that penetrates into the room makes people feel profound and peaceful. When the shade is closed, it is completely isolated from the outdoors. Simple, elegant design and the structure create high-grade and green home life.


What Kind of Features is Available with Zebra Shades?

Custom window coverings can be upgraded in more ways than just color and style. (both of all shades are comprised of fabrics on a roll that covers the entirety of your window and bunches at the top when you raise them which can effectively protect the shade.)

Here are a few options that are available with zebra shades:

This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord on your dual sheer shades. The zebra shade is a variation of the roller shade, so the material simply rolls up like a poster. enables the shades to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger and our Free-Stop mechanism will prevent them from snapping up.

This option means the cords on your dual sheer shades will be secured to the wall or window frame, meaning your shades will have fewer cords on display. A great choice for larger/heavier shades.

Simply wireless remote control with battery operation, you can experience the zebra window shades with great comfort by clicking. It's also effortless to install.


KEEGO zebra blinds combine the warmth of curtains, the simplicity of roller blinds, and the dimming function of Venetian blinds. Simple dimming and simple operation.

Run with the zebra, feel the hazy light, shadow, warm breeze, and taste the different lights in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Zebra blinds are an ideal choice for romantic home and stylish office window decorations. Let's Enjoying the Tranquility of the Zebra Shade

We also offer a variety of roller shade and blinds options, you know you’ll be able to find products with corresponding fabrics, colors, and patterns. Our “custom-fit”, giving you nearly limitless options for combinations of window treatments to exactly suit your needs for your home. So ordering your blinds and shades together is as easy as possible.

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