Pet Proof Window Blinds


How to get your windows save for pets.

What can happen?

Cat and pets are active and curious. They want to know what is going on outside, or maybe they heard something and want to check that all is safe. In addition they also need some sun bathing behind your spring loaded window shades. So they need to be pet proof blinds.

So what can happen when our pets get themselves access to a view outside?

Cat proofing apartment can be difficult as cats that want to access the window might try to go through the slats and then get trapped there. Even if they do not get trapped it will destroy your shutters and other none cat proof blinds.

While being trapped between the slats can be dangerous it can be even more dangerous being tangled by the blinds cord when you are not using spring loaded window shades. This could also be dangerous for kids.

Not so important as to avoid any harm to your pets but still important is to make sure your blinds will not easily destroyed. This means the fabric should be flat so it does not attract dogs to chew on it as wooden shutters might do. However the fabric needs to be strong enough to withstand scratches from cats. And then there is the pet hair problem.

Last but not least is to decide how much light should be filtered. We recommend to cover the whole window so dogs will not get to see you mailman directly but still use a dog proof window treatments fabric that lets sun through so they can enjoy some sun bathing as well.

Which blinds are suitable?

In conclusion there are two kind of pet proof window blinds covering most of theses issues. The first one being no drill light filtering roller shades and zebra blinds. Both of these spring loaded window shades offer a flat surface. A cat can easily go behind while still blocking the whole window to not distract your dog.

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