No Drill Roller Shades Blackout
No Drill Roller Shades Blackout
Keego No Drill Roller Shades 100% Blackout Where to use no drill window blinds Don't let the morning sun disturb your good dreams. Keego blinds no drill roller shades help to block the glare of the sun and lets you sleep until wake...
No Drill Roller Blinds Light Filtering
No Drill Roller Blinds Light Filtering
Keego Easy Fit Roller Blinds No Drilling PRIVACY CONTROL NO TOOL BLINDS Roller blinds no drilling can soften the light without glare and will create a warm and cozy space. Light filtering no drill blinds work as natural light filter while varying in the...


A popular choice for the home, no drill roller shades give you privacy and comfort
light-filtering and blackout options with a wide variety of colors and patterns.

No Screw Blinds

No drill roller shades will make use of tension to hang between two walls. This way you will not need screws or any other tools.

While installing anything other than no tool blinds it is required to drill holes on or on both sides of the windows. This is usually needed, so that we can use screws to fix the roller shades when we install them.

The no drill roller shades installation method compare to ordinary window coverings is basically the same. You will need no tool blinds if you want to avoid destroying your wall.

Energy Saving No Drill Window Blinds

No drill blackout shades without drilling not only work great if you want to boost your home's efficiency, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, in addition these no drill roller shades will supplement a modern style. Due to their construction Keego Blinds without screws will save you money on your monthly energy bills in the long run, making them not only an excellent choice for people living in in a rented apartment in or outside the city, but also for homeowners.

Continuous Cord Loop Controls

The cords on these no drill roller shades will be secured to a wall or window frame. This will make sure that the roller blinds without drilling holes will have fewer tangling up front. Making Keego Blinds without screws not only beautiful but also more safe for children.

100% Blackout No Tool Shades

Equipped with sun blocking polyester fabrics, no drill blackout shades completely block the light coming from outside or inside of your room. Making no drill roller shades not only protecting your privacy but also providing you a comfortable sleep. Even at daytime. Anti-UV functions protect against strong light waves as well as balancing the indoor temperature.


Roller blinds without drilling holes do not only filter harmful UV rays and by that of course block light, they will also make sure no one can have a sneak inside your home at any time. No drill roller shades from Keego Blinds do come in different colors, to make sure window shades no drilling will be matching you decor.

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