Darkening kids room with blackout window treatments


Why do we need to darken our kids room?

Kids and especially small kids need their sleep. Not only at night but also a quality nap is necessary for them. But kids tend to be even more sensitive to noise and light as adults are. Knowing this there can be a lot of influences from the outside affecting you kids sleep routine. Strong moonlight, street lights, neighbors. At day time there is of course the sun. So how to we make sure that your kids room is dark enough to grant a well deserved sleep? Well will show you a few options.

Blackout Shades

Well, light usually comes through the window meaning that it is probably a good idea to start there. There are different options for blackout blinds kids room that block light from entering the room. Keego Blinds offers all of them. Kids room shades cellular, roller or zebra are just a few of the variations. Whilst a lot of blinds room darkening come with a cord, we do not advise to choose blackout shades with cord. Kids can easily reach the cord and strangle themselves or destroy the blackout shades baby room or kids room.

Blackout Curtains

If we stay at the windows there is another option we can choose from. This being curtains. Whilst there are special curtains for kids, we need to see that the fabric is thick enough to block light. Better go with special kids room blackout curtains. However as we said that blackout shades with cord can cause kids to pull on them, curtains can be similar dangerous. Although a curtain is slightly thicker which makes strangling more difficult as with a cord.

Extra tips

If both options do not provide wished effect you still can combine different options. Blinds with Curtains on the side. Or window blocker to make sure there is not a single stripe of light coming through. For a quick DIY solution, cut out cardboard and place it between window treatment and window.

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