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corded cellular shades

Corded Celluar Shades

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What are Cellular Shades?

Cellular Shades is an upgraded version of traditional curtains. Because of their unique honeycomb design to provide layered insulation and light diffusion, they provide excellent warmth retention and light transmission. Therefore it is also called honeycomb shades or cell shades.

Is Cellular Shades suitable for your home?

The style of Cellular Shades is very easy to match, suitable for installation in the room, living room, kitchen, etc. It is the perfect choice for window treatments. We also provide customized services, such as large or small windows, and even irregular windows.


Due to the special honeycomb shape design of cell shades.
1. The effect of sound insulation: Honeycomb shades blackouts the outdoor noise, allowing you to enjoy quiet comfort at home.
2. Light filtering and room darkening: It can effectively control the amount of natural light entering the room, and dazzling daylight and ultraviolet rays.


Cell Shades is not only practical, but also allows you to create a warm home of your own style within a limited budget. You can bring elegant decoration to the room at an affordable price. And as we mentioned above, honeycomb window treatments can isolate your home from cold and heat, which means it will make you spend less on energy, such as keeping the air-conditioning in summer and keeping the heating temperature in winter. They can actually save you money!

Freely cellular shades custom

On, we provide you with completely free shades and blinds customization service. Not only can you customize the width, length, color, etc., we also provide design services, that is, you can design patterns for your own window coverings, so that the style and color of your home are consistent with the blinds. At Keego, you can customize your cellular shades top down and bottom up, make it cordless or coded. Also we provide outside mount cellular shades choice.